Are Capacity and SEER ratings available with matched condensers for Magic Aire direct drive and belt drive products?

Unfortunately matched condensing unit capacity and SEER ratings are not available for our equipment at this time, so our units are not in the AHRI directory.

This requires a large investment involving testing with many different condensing units and indoor units. We have not yet planned this large investment.

Are freeze stats provided with Magic Aire Air Handling Units and Fan Coils?

No, low limit thermostats or “freeze stats” are not provided with Magic Aire AHU and fan coil products.  Coil protection from freezing is the responsibility of the customer.

Can I order a larger blower for a certain Magic Aire belt drive air handling unit? I need more airflow (or more static pressure or less airflow).

In general, no.  Magic Aire belt drive air handlers are designed from the ground up around a specific blower assembly so alternate blower options are not currently available.

Can I substitute a contactor for a relay in a Magic Aire Motor Start Stop Station (MSS)? My relay failed and I don’t have time to order the exact replacement relay from Magic Aire.

For Belt Drive units with a MSS, the relay can be replaced with a contactor as long as it meets or exceeds the electrical rating of the relay.

Can Magic Aire belt drive air handling units be manufactured with stainless steel cabinets for better corrosion resistance?

Contact Magic Aire at techsupport@magicaire.com for special quotations for belt drive air handlers with stainless steel cabinets and corrosion resistant blower assemblies.

How old is my Magic-Aire Unit – Read by serial number

The age of the Magic-Aire unit is read by the serial number As Follows:


Serial Number Example:     W 02 06 12345

W = Plant location – This digit was added in 1999

02 = Year produced, 2002

06 = Month produced, June

12345 = Plant sequence number


There are other formats for units produced in the 1970’s and earlier.  Those typically will be in a format of 74-1234, with the first two digits being the year.

What kind of electric resistance heater element wire is used on HB, BV and BM electric heaters?

The electric resistance heater element wire used on HB, BV and BM electric heaters is Type “C” wire with 60% nickel, 16% chromium content.