Selection Software

Magic Aire Performance Software

New Magic 4.0 is the product selection, performance and pricing software for all active Magic Aire air handler, fancoil and blower coil products. It includes submittal information and accessories. Pricing is only activated for authorized Sales Agents under contract and approved customers.

Tutorial for New Magic 4 READ ME


New Magic 4.0 Installation Procedure – New Installation

1.  Select the below auto install link.

2. Press “Install” when given the publisher warning. If software installs correctly, it will open with the gray background and buttons “create a new job” and “open an existing job”. When you see this page, installation is complete.

3.  If software stops or does not install correctly, go to “Manually Update Software” below.

Manually Update Software

Note: Software automatically searches for updates each time the program is started, as long as internet connection is detected.

  1. Uninstall New Magic 4
    1. Windows 10: Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Programs and Features
    2. Windows Vista and Windows 7: Control Panel\Programs\Uninstall a Program
    3. Windows XP: Control Panel\Add-Remove Programs
  2. Create folder called “temp” on Desktop. If a “temp” folder already exists, delete or move the folder contents.
  3. Select manual install link, below. When prompted, SAVE to “temp” folder on Desktop.
  4. Open “temp” folder. Use WinZip or other zip file utility to extract the files to the “temp” folder.
    1. Note: There should be 4 items in the “temp” folder when finished with this step.
  5. In “temp” folder, double click on file “NewMagic4.application.”
  6. Click “Install” when publisher warning message appears. Software will install and open.
  7. Software will open to screen with menu buttons “Create New Job” and “Open Existing Job”. Select “Create New Job” and begin.
  8. Exit software using menu selection File/Exit.
  9. Delete “temp” folder and its contents.
  10. See video below for more explanation, or email us for help at

Manual Installation – Video Instruction

New Magic 4.0 Selection Software History

Current Version:

Released:  2/20/2024


Previous Version: Released 9/2/2023
Previous Version: Released 3/9/2023
Previous Version: Released 10/6/2022
Previous Version: Released 10/3/2022
Previous Version: Released 7/14/2022
Previous Version: Released 1/22/2022
Previous Version: Released 11/22/2021
Previous Version: Released 7/13/2021
Previous Version: Released 5/12/2021
Previous Version: Released 12/24/2020
Previous Version: Released 10/4/2020
Previous Version: Released 4/15/2020
Previous Version: Released 12/18/2019
Previous Version: Released 6/20/2019
Previous Version: Released 1/3/2019
Previous Version: Released 7/29/2018
Previous Version: Released 12/28/2017
Previous Version: Released 7/1/2017
Previous Version: Released 2/10/2017
Previous Version: Released 8/24/2016


To determine the version of the software you are running:

  1. Go to Start/Programs/Magic Aire and select “New Magic 4”
  2. On the menu at the top of the screen, select “Help/About”. Version number is listed there.

Obtain updates by connecting to the internet and opening the software. In the software, select “Help/Check for Update” to see if there is an update available. Alternately, use the instructions on the Software/Resources page to manually uninstall the old software and install the latest version.

If you have trouble, please contact your local sales rep for assistance. The sales rep can be located using the zip code locator.