Are freeze stats provided with Magic Aire Air Handling Units and Fan Coils?

No, low limit thermostats or “freeze stats” are not provided with Magic Aire AHU and fan coil products.  Coil protection from freezing is the responsibility of the customer.

Can I use a Magic Aire unit with R-22 or R-410a coil with refrigerant R-407c?

Magic Aire R-22 Coils and components are compatible with R-407c refrigerant.  Air handlers with R-22 coils and thermal expansion valves will operate with R-407c at approximately 6% lower capacity than the published R-22 performance.  As an alternative for the BV product, the customer could order an R-410a coil without a TXV (Selection “A”).  The unit will be marked for R-410A, but the customer can field-provide and field-install an R-407c TXV which will be more precise than running R407c through an R22 TXV.  Note that the R-410A coil’s pressure rating is more than adequate for R-407c.

Can I use a single-circuit condensing unit with a Magic Aire unit that has a dual-circuit refrigerant (DX) coil? If so, how do I install the piping?

Magic Aire dual circuit refrigerant coils can be used with a single circuit condensing unit.  Note that customer is responsible for sizing condensing unit for the application.  In all situations, the installation instructions from the condensing unit manufacturer take precedence.

Where should the thermal expansion valve sensing bulb be installed?

The sensing bulb ships coiled up near the TXV and not installed.  The sensing bulb needs to be mounted on a horizontal section of the suction line in the 3-o’clock or 9-clock position.  Insulate the sensing bulb thoroughly so that it receives a good temperature signal from the gas in the sensing bulb.  For 7/8″ O.D. and larger suction lines, use 4-o’clock or 8-o’clock position.