Are all Actuators for Valve Package (VPA) accessories 24VAC?

Yes, all Actuators for VPA accessories are 24VAC.

Are Valve Package Accessories (VPA) valves rated for steam service?

The VPA valves are not for steam service.

Are Valve Package Accessories available for rooftop (BR) units?

Valve Package Accessories are not for outside use and are not available for BR units.

Do Valve package accessories include pressure/ temperature ports?

Yes.  All Valve Package Accessories include pressure/ temperature ports.

Does a unit have to have a Motor Start/Stop station (MSS) accessory in order to have Valve Package accessory (VPA)?

No, the factory offers both as seperate accessory options.  These are to be used as components of a supplied-by-others Control System.

Does the Valve Package Accessories come with a bleed line for a two pipe system?

No,  bleed lines are currently not provided by the factory for the Valve Package Accessories.

How do I order a Valve Package for my belt drive and direct drive units?

Valve Package Accessories can be ordered using New Magic software.  Valve packages can be selected at the same time as units, saving customers time in selection and reducing the number of vendors necessary to fulfill an order. Each valve package is custom selected for the unit and coil type it will be used with which will reduce errors in selection.  This includes coil dimensions and necessary WPD requirements.

If a motor stop/start station (MSS) is not ordered, is a transformer (24VAC), contactor, and disconnect switch still required for a unit with a VPA accessory?

Yes, the same components (24VAC transformer, contactor, and disconnect switch) that is normally required for a unit with a VPA accessory will need to be field provided if MSS is not ordered from the factory.

Is a 110 VAC Acuator available with Magic Aire AHU Valve Packages?

No, a 110 VAC Acuator is not available.

What are the warranty terms for the Valve Package Accessories?

The standard Magic Aire warranty terms and conditions apply for the Valve Package Accessories.