Unit Ventilators -Self Contained SCB, SPB, SWB


Magic Aire® Self Contained Unit Ventilators are designed for a variety of applications where Indoor Air Quality is critical, such as classrooms. Available in Air Cooled, Air Source Heat Pump, and Water Source Heat Pump models. These integral sourced DX units provide an Energy Efficient means for maintaining excellent room conditions.  With Magic Aire’s variable speed system the unit has a broader capacity range than traditional self-contained unit ventilators. Also, traditional systems address part load conditions with unloading techniques but these solutions are inefficient, either because high compressor efficiency cannot be maintained at part load or because load matching ability is limited. In contrast, the variable speed compressors are designed to maintain high efficiency at part load by precisely and continuously matching the load and have a significant low start and stop noise level due to the speed ramp function.  And, with Flexible DDC Control Packages the units can be integrated into a Building Management System network or ordered for Stand-Alone operation for Precise Control.

Patented:  US 11,879,673 B2 for MASWB and MASPB models.


Features of the Contemporary Self-Contained Unit Ventilator

Variable Speed Control Compressor and DC inverter interfacing with DDC Controller

Temperature Sensors
Energy Efficient ECM motors>
Hot Water or Steam heating options
Valve Control with Hot Water Valve Packages
Face and Bypass Control with damper actuator
Outside Air Control with damper actuator and robust extruded aluminum OA/RA damper
Tenant override Switch
Override Scheduling
Holiday Scheduling
CO2 Sensor
Humidity Sensor
Factory Wall Sleeves and Outside Air Louvers

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