Are all Actuators for Valve Package (VPA) accessories 24VAC?

Yes, all Actuators for VPA accessories are 24VAC.

Are Capacity and SEER ratings available with matched condensers for Magic Aire direct drive and belt drive products?

Unfortunately matched condensing unit capacity and SEER ratings are not available for our equipment at this time, so our units are not in the AHRI directory.

This requires a large investment involving testing with many different condensing units and indoor units. We have not yet planned this large investment.

Are copper fin coils available?

Yes.  Please contact Magic Aire at techsupport@magicaire.com for a special quote.

Are factory provided/field installed electric resistance heaters for BV and BM products available with SCR (silicon controlled rectifier)control?

Yes, SCR control for field-installed accessory electric heaters is available.  SCR control type is “zero firing” where the heater is rapidly cycled on and off to vary the load.  Please contact Magic Aire at techsupport@magicaire.com for a special quote.

Are freeze stats provided with Magic Aire Air Handling Units and Fan Coils?

No, low limit thermostats or “freeze stats” are not provided with Magic Aire AHU and fan coil products.  Coil protection from freezing is the responsibility of the customer.

Are freezestats (low limit switches) provided with the Magic Aire Unit Ventilators?

All Magic Aire unit ventilators with Hydronic Coils include an automatic reset,  single-pole, double-throw low limit switch that changes state at 38°F and 42°F.  This is mounted on the leaving side of the coil (heating coil for 4-pipe).  The hydronic low limit is marked as LLT on the unit’s wiring diagram.

All Magic Aire unit ventilators with DX coils include an automatic reset,  single-pole, double-throw low limit switch that changes state at 28°F and 35°F.  This is mounted on the leaving side of the coil.  The DX low limit is marked as LLR on the unit’s wiring diagram.

Both low limits are snap-acting SPDT devices, with terminal 2 as the common.  Terminal 3 closes on temperature rise and Terminal 1 closes on temperature fall.

Low Limit wiring

Are leveling legs provided with the Magic Aire Unit Ventilators?

The leveling legs accompany every MAUV and are used to compensate for slight floor irregularities.  The leveling legs are found attached to each end of the unit kickplate and are not to be used to raise the entire unit over 1/4″.  Sub bases are available in 2″ to 12″ heights to raise the unit.

Are Magic Aire Unit Ventilator TXV’s heat pump compatible? Can I use a Magic Aire Unit Ventilator for DX heat pump service?

Magic Aire Unit Ventilators DX coils are ready for heat pump service using bi-flow thermal expansion valves.  Magic Aire controls do not have a heat pump sequence; therefore, controls will need to be provided by others.

For units with electric heat, Magic Aire can only certify back-up electric heat safety performance as we typically do not manufacture the outdoor unit.  The customer shall assume all liability for controls by others including electric heat performance and safety including the use of simultaneous electric heat.  Due to the wide operating range of airflows, Magic Aire recommends the use of SCR controls with simultaneous electric heat applications.

Are Magic Aire Unit Ventilators DDC Controls stand-alone or must they function as part of a building automation system (BAS) network?

Units with factory DDC Controls can act as stand-alone or function as part of a building automation system (BAS) network that must be field provided.

Some features to note about both the Lon and BACNet Factory DDC control packages :

• The dual-mount thermostat is provided and factory mounted in the unit for setpoint adjustment and diagnostics
• Unit Wiring Harness and 40 VA, Class 2, 24V transformer provided and factory installed
• Fan start/stop relay provided w/3-speed manual fan switch provided and factory installed
• DX relay (Dry contact) to start/stop condenser (w/DX coils) provided for field installation
• Outdoor Air and Supply Air Temperature sensor factory installed
• Return Air Temperature Sensor provided and factory installed (*not included with IAQ sequences)
• Low Limits (LLT/LLR) factory provided and installed (as needed)
• Optional Valve and Damper actuators facotry provided and installed
• Optional occupancy control are None, day/night relay, 7-day time clock, PE switch, or order *IAQ input with the controls option

* When the IAQ option is ordered an input is made available on the DDC Controller for a field supplied CO2 sensor by removing the RAT sensor and using the wall thermostat as the room air sensor.

For more information, see the UV Controls Presentation and Operation Manuals

Are the TXV valves used with the Unit Ventilator DX coils adjustable?

No. Unit Ventilator DX Coil TXV’s are biflow. Literature is available for each type (R-22 and R-410A).

Are Valve Package Accessories (VPA) valves rated for steam service?

The VPA valves are not for steam service.

Are Valve Package Accessories available for rooftop (BR) units?

Valve Package Accessories are not for outside use and are not available for BR units.

Can I add a day/night relay or timeclock in the field to my MAU unit with factory supplied controls?

Yes.  Part numbers are MA40UV-DNR1 and MA40UV-TCO, respectively.  These assemblies include the needed wires for connecting to the controller.

Can I order a larger blower for a certain Magic Aire belt drive air handling unit? I need more airflow (or more static pressure or less airflow).

In general, no.  Magic Aire belt drive air handlers are designed from the ground up around a specific blower assembly so alternate blower options are not currently available.

Can I substitute a contactor for a relay in a Magic Aire Motor Start Stop Station (MSS)? My relay failed and I don’t have time to order the exact replacement relay from Magic Aire.

For Belt Drive units with a MSS, the relay can be replaced with a contactor as long as it meets or exceeds the electrical rating of the relay.

Can I use a Magic Aire unit with R-22 or R-410a coil with refrigerant R-407c?

Magic Aire R-22 Coils and components are compatible with R-407c refrigerant.  Air handlers with R-22 coils and thermal expansion valves will operate with R-407c at approximately 6% lower capacity than the published R-22 performance.  As an alternative for the BV product, the customer could order an R-410a coil without a TXV (Selection “A”).  The unit will be marked for R-410A, but the customer can field-provide and field-install an R-407c TXV which will be more precise than running R407c through an R22 TXV.  Note that the R-410A coil’s pressure rating is more than adequate for R-407c.

Can I use a single-circuit condensing unit with a Magic Aire unit that has a dual-circuit refrigerant (DX) coil? If so, how do I install the piping?

Magic Aire dual circuit refrigerant coils can be used with a single circuit condensing unit.  Note that customer is responsible for sizing condensing unit for the application.  In all situations, the installation instructions from the condensing unit manufacturer take precedence.

Can Magic Aire belt drive air handling units be manufactured with stainless steel cabinets for better corrosion resistance?

Contact Magic Aire at techsupport@magicaire.com for special quotations for belt drive air handlers with stainless steel cabinets and corrosion resistant blower assemblies.

Can order a Thermostat only to control my unit ventilator?

No, Magic Aire utilizes ASHRAE cycle II which requires modulating the unit ventilator’s outside air/ return air damper.   While some thermostats allow you to program the unit ventilator’s damper control  through the economizer feature, they do not allow modulation but control damper to maximum open or closed position.

Do Magic Aire Unit Ventilator DX coils come with a thermal expansion valve (TXV)?

Yes.  All unit ventilator DX coils come with a TXV.

Do MagicAire unit ventilators meet the “Buy American Act”?

United Electric Company is the manufacturer of Magic Aire brand unit ventilators.  Our operations are wholly contained in Wichita Falls,Texas. The MAUV and MAUH models are 100% fabricated and assembled in the USA.  Typical material content will be 95% under the NAFTA agreement and greater than 50% for USA content.

Do Valve package accessories include pressure/ temperature ports?

Yes.  All Valve Package Accessories include pressure/ temperature ports.

Does a unit have to have a Motor Start/Stop station (MSS) accessory in order to have Valve Package accessory (VPA)?

No, the factory offers both as seperate accessory options.  These are to be used as components of a supplied-by-others Control System.

Does the Magic Aire Unit Ventilator contain separate return air and outdoor air dampers?

No. The MAUV/H has a one piece Outside Air/Return Air (OA/RA) damper.  The OA/RA Damper is constructed of one piece heavy gauge extruded aluminum material that has been stiffened by use of multiple components to afford maximum rigidity, strength and corrosion resistance. The seats are a deep pile polyester material on all side edges; damper blades use dual PVC seals with memory and is insulated with closed cell foam insulation.

Does the Magic Aire Unit Ventilator have a welded frame?

No, the Magic Aire Unit Ventilator consists of a bolt-together modular frame.  We replaced our welded-frame design with the heavy gauge galvanized steel framed modular design because it is much easier to service.  The unit is composed of three main modules which are the blower, coil, and damper modules.  Each of the modules can be removed easily without disassembling unit greatly reducing service time.

Does the Magic Aire unit ventilator two pipe units have a changeover switch (aquastat)?

The changeover (aquastat) switch is factory wired to the DDC controller as shown on the unit wiring diagram.  During installation in the field, this switch must be clamped onto the pipe supplying water to the unit upstream of the valve.  See the unit ventilator IOM for more details.

Does the Valve Package Accessories come with a bleed line for a two pipe system?

No,  bleed lines are currently not provided by the factory for the Valve Package Accessories.

For Magic Aire unit ventilators, how many stages of Electric Heat are there?

Electric Heat stages are assigned according to the number of elements of electric heat.  1 Element = 1 Stage; 2 Elements = 2 Stage; 3 or more Elements = 3 stage.

How are the Magic Aire Unit Ventilators protected from freezing?

A low limit thermostat (freezestat) is factory installed on all Magic Aire Unit Ventilators with Hydronic and DX coils.  For extra freeze protection, a face and bypass damper is recommended to protect from coil freeze-up. With a face and bypass damper there is a constant flow of hot water through the coil unlike a valve system.  The units feature a one piece Outside Air / Return Air damper that is made of heavy gauge extruded aluminum material with airtight seals to prevent unwanted air from entering the unit. The damper is insulated with closed cell foam insulation.  An optional cold weather damper section is also an option that has thicker insulation for maximum cold weather protection. With DDC Controls, if the low limit thermostat trips the outdoor air damper will be driven closed.

How do I calculate control valve pressure drop if I know Cv and flow rate?

PD = ((Q*√G)/Cv)2

PD = water pressure drop across control valve, psig
Q = water flow rate in gallons per minute
Cv = flow coefficient
G = specific gravity of fluid(1.0 for water)


How do I order a Valve Package for my belt drive and direct drive units?

Valve Package Accessories can be ordered using New Magic software.  Valve packages can be selected at the same time as units, saving customers time in selection and reducing the number of vendors necessary to fulfill an order. Each valve package is custom selected for the unit and coil type it will be used with which will reduce errors in selection.  This includes coil dimensions and necessary WPD requirements.

How is hand connection determined with the Magic Aire unit ventilator?

Hand connection is determined by facing the discharge of the Magic Aire unit ventilator.

How old is my Magic-Aire Unit – Read by serial number

The age of the Magic-Aire unit is read by the serial number As Follows:


Serial Number Example:     W 02 06 12345

W = Plant location – This digit was added in 1999

02 = Year produced, 2002

06 = Month produced, June

12345 = Plant sequence number


There are other formats for units produced in the 1970’s and earlier.  Those typically will be in a format of 74-1234, with the first two digits being the year.

I do not see options for DDC Controls when selecting a UV in the software. Why?

Verify that the Outdoor Air Selection is not a locking quadrant.

I do not see options for EH when selecting a UV in the software. Why?

Verify that the Coil Arrangement is not a preheat.

I have a DDC Control Package with a Controller and MN-S4 Thermostat. Can I wall mount the MN-S4 Thermostat? And, how do I control multiple unit ventilators from one thermostat?

The MN-S4 Thermostat can be wall mounted.  See MNL or MNB Control documentation for installation details.  The MN-S4  thermostat is not set up to control more than one unit directly.  One possible solution is to contact a Controls contractor for a field installed and configured network.

If a motor stop/start station (MSS) is not ordered, is a transformer (24VAC), contactor, and disconnect switch still required for a unit with a VPA accessory?

Yes, the same components (24VAC transformer, contactor, and disconnect switch) that is normally required for a unit with a VPA accessory will need to be field provided if MSS is not ordered from the factory.

If the DDC Controls are provided by an outside controls contractor, can they be mounted at the Magic Aire factory during unit assembly?

Magic Aire’s team has vast experience working together with Sales Offices and Control Contractors to customize a Control Package that will fit Customer’s specifications. Our team of Design Engineers and Product Managers will work directly with your team to ensure we are designing to your Customer’s expectations.  During the recent peak seasons, our team has coordinated and shipped dozens of custom jobs.  We have mounted and wired field supplied DDC Controllers, actuators, sensors, and thermostats plus the parts necessary to support the required control scheme , such at resistors, jumper combs, and relays.
This is almost “anything goes” option within the confines of available physical space and safety codes.

In NM4, I can not select a DX coil when I have Electric Heat selected. Why?

The first reason could be that face and bypass control was selected.  Face and Bypass is not available with DX/Electric Heat configurations.

Another reason could be the number of heating elements selected.  The maximum number of heating elements available is 4 elements when in combination with a DX coil.

See coil combination chart below.

Coil Combos

Is a 110 VAC Acuator available with Magic Aire AHU Valve Packages?

No, a 110 VAC Acuator is not available.

Is a CO2 sensor available for demand control ventilation?

The Magic Aire Lon controller (MNL) and BACNet controller (MNB) are setup to accept a field provided and installed CO2 sensor with our IAQ sequences.  There is an extra IO point on the controller for the field installed CO2 sensor.  Special IAQ sequences of operation are available when using a CO2 sensor.  When ordering with New Magic Software, choose the IAQ seqence within the Temperature Control selections.

My Magic Aire Unit Ventilator DDC controller is not functioning, and the red light is blinking. Does the controller need replaced?

If the red light on the MNL or MNB DDC Controller blinks at a rapid rate, the control board has a hardware failure and must be replaced.  If the red light blinks about once a second, the board is functional but the information programmed at the factory has been deleted. Please contact your Magic Aire Representative for replacement and reprogramming options.

My Magic Aire Unit Ventilator has factory installed DDC Controls, but I can not bring on the condensing units. Is there something wrong with my Controller?

For units with DX coils and Magic Aire DDC Controls, Magic Aire provides a relay that is to be field connected to the remote field supplied and installed compressor/condenser. Magic Aire’s control transformer is only to be used for factory supplied equipment. A separate transformer must be field supplied for field supplied equipment such as compressors.  See unit wiring diagram for wiring details.

My Magic Aire Unit Ventilator has field provided DDC Controls with a factory provided ECM Motor. Is there any problem shutting the unit off and on by its line voltage?

Yes.  The ECM Motor has large capacitors in the electronics section.  When the incoming power is cycled on/off, these capacitors are stressed. Starting and Stopping the motor by engaging/disengaging line voltage will significantly reduce the life of the motor.  The proper way to start/stop the motor is to break the 24V control supply to the motor.

To which side does the Magic Aire Unit Ventilator drain pan slope?

The drain pan is sloped toward side with largest coil’s connections or the DX coil connections.  For example, a unit with a 2-row right hand water coil and a 4-row left hand water coil will have the drain pan sloped down to the left hand side. The uphill connection is sealed with a plug and the downhill field connection is covered with a plastic cap except when the drain pan is stainless steel, then both connections are sealed with a plug. The slope may be reversed in field.  See Installation Manual for details.

What are the benfits of draw thru units versus blow thru?

The draw thru configuration allows return air to bypass the coil and unconditioned outdoor air to pass through coil for better dehumidification.  The leaving air stream is at a uniform temperature with an even distribution of air across the coil face.

What are the coil combinations available for a UV? What are the coil combinations available for a UH?

Coil Combos (1)

What are the fins per inch (fpi) for Magic Aire unit ventilator coils?

For Units 500-1500 CFM, the 5 row high capacity coils are 14 fpi and all other standard capacity coils are 10 fpi (hydronic and DX).  For 2000 CFM units, all of the coils (hydronic and DX) are 14 fpi. Therefore, there is not a different coil for “standard capacity 5 row coil” and a “high capacity 5 row coil”.

What are the warranty terms for the Valve Package Accessories?

The standard Magic Aire warranty terms and conditions apply for the Valve Package Accessories.

What does the DDC READY package consist of?

The DDC Ready Package consist of terminal blocks mounted on a hinged panel (shown below), a wiring harness (shown below),a 75VA control transformer, and a fan start/stop relay with a 3 speed fan switch (not included with variable speed motor option).  The following are provided when applicable: a DX Relay and low limit; and/or a water low limit; and/or an outside air damper actuator (shown below); and/or a face and bypass damper actuator.

DDC Ready

What does the factory DDC Control Package consist of?

The factory supplied and installed DDC Control Package consists of a DDC Controller with a selection of Lon or BACNet protocol which is mounted on a hinged panel(shown below).  The package also includes a dual mount thermostat (shown below), a terminal block, temperature sensors, a wiring harness, a 75VA control transformer, and a current switch.  The following components are included when applicable: a DX Relay, and/or a low limit, and/or an outside air damper actuator, and/or a face anc bypass damper actuator.

DDC Controls

For more information, see the UV Controls Presentation and Operation Manuals

What kind of electric resistance heater element wire is used on HB, BV and BM electric heaters?

The electric resistance heater element wire used on HB, BV and BM electric heaters is Type “C” wire with 60% nickel, 16% chromium content.

What type of insulation is used on Magic Aire Unit Ventilators?

Closed cell insulation is used on Magic Aire Unit Ventilators and the insulation is made in the USA and Greenguard certified.

Each module, unit back, and pipe tunnel is externally insulated using 3/8″ closed cell insulation.  Thicker insulation is available through a quote request.

Closed cell insulation is applied externally to the Outside Air damper with 1/8″ standard and 3/8″ optional for cold weather applications.


Where do I find the part number for a replacement motor capacitor?

All replacement motors are received with the capacitor as part of the motor.  Capacitors are not available seperately.

Where should the thermal expansion valve sensing bulb be installed?

The sensing bulb ships coiled up near the TXV and not installed.  The sensing bulb needs to be mounted on a horizontal section of the suction line in the 3-o’clock or 9-clock position.  Insulate the sensing bulb thoroughly so that it receives a good temperature signal from the gas in the sensing bulb.  For 7/8″ O.D. and larger suction lines, use 4-o’clock or 8-o’clock position.