RGA Request

URGENT:  Products returned to Magic Aire without a pre-authorized RGA number will be refused.  Your truckline will assess charges back to you for transport, storage, and disposal.

NOTE:  Many Magic Aire products are custom-built-to-order and are non-returnable.  RGA requests for non-returnable products will be denied. 

RGA Form required for all claims

To avoid delays and possible disqualification of your claim please follow instructions below.

Customer Service Bulletin 05012008B:  Return Goods Authorizations

September 9, 2010

Attention: Commercial/Unitary and Unit Ventilator Products Reps and Wholesalers

In an effort to provide better customer service and reduce the time to process Return Goods Authorizations (RGAs), Magic Aire has set up a dedicated email address (RGA@Magicaire.com) and fax number (940-397-5604) to process your requests. We do not process RGA requests called in via telephone. Please use the Return Good Authorization form which can be found at our website, www.magicaire.com. This is a brief explanation of the procedure.

An RGA can only be filed by the company who originally purchased the product from Magic Aire. If you are a contractor who purchased the product through a plan and spec firm or wholesaler, please contact the firm who sold you the equipment and ask them to handle your claim.


  1. Click the RGA FORM link near the top of this window (form can be downloaded to your computer’s desktop for quick access)
  2. Complete form and click the submit button. It is transmitted to the RGA inbox (complete information will help expedite the RGA process)
  3. RGA number is emailed or faxed to customer within 24-48 hours of the receipt of the form
  4. Customer marks products with RGA number and returns products by date specified on RGA
  5. Returned product is inspected
  6. Credit and debit memos are issued if applicable; Customer is notified by letter if credit is denied 
  7. Customer accounts are posted within 10 business days of credit and/or debit memos

Note: It is best practice to submit a replacement purchase order for warranty parts before submitting an RGA request form to Magic Aire. Credits for warranty products are most often applied to the replacement order.