HHA Critical Environment Air Handling Unit

Solutions For a Cleaner Environment

It is easier than ever to integrate HEPA level HVAC into your environment. Magic Aire’s HHA high static, high filtration, air handling unit provides multiple options for comfort conditioning and the ability to deliver HEPA quality air.

Precise Load Matching

With integral Variable Frequency Drive technology (VFD) you can match your load and save more energy!

VFD standard allows building control system’s DDC signal to control fan speed with up to 60% turn down potential. Allows optimization of system for humidity control and occupant comfort while minimizing sound levels.

Highlighted Features and Options

  • 2 inch double wall construction
  • Exterior Baked on, Textured, Powder Coat finish
  • Two Stage Pre-Filter: Pleated – 2 inch MERV 8 and 4 inch MERV 13
  • Optional Final Filter:
    • HEPA – Pleated –12 inch, Class Type A, 99.975% , 0.3 micron
    • MERV 14 – Pleated – 12 inch
  • Up to 12 rows of DX, Hydronic or Steam Cooling/Heating
  • High Static Pressure capability to allow for “dirty filter” pressure drop
  • Motor Control via keypad, DDC 0-10VDC signal input, or constant airflow option
  • Isolated Motor Sled
  • Backward curved Plenum Fan, finely balanced with durable finish
  • Dual Side Service Access Doors with quarter turn latches provide access to all filters, motor, and coils.

Documents for Download: