HCA – High Efficiency Direct Drive Air Handling Unit

Direct Drive Solution with AHU Combinations

Combine AHU-grade coil and filter selections with direct drive fan technology for solutions that work for more facilities, without v-belts. A wide variety of hydronic, DX and steam coils, single and double-wall cabinet options, along with 2” or 4” filters (field-changeable) allow a fine-tuned selection to closely match the unit performance and cost to the application. The 4” MERV 13 filter option provides the best IAQ solution and can help earn the filtration LEED credit (see LEED v4 Building Design and Construction Manual, USGBC).

ECM Fan Control—Flexible & Efficient

Direct drive ECM fans start and stop with a ramp-up, reducing start-up sounds, and can be tuned to operate at just the right speed for less noise. Without belt losses, they are 5% or more efficient than belt drive systems. High efficiency ECM motors with forward curved DWDI fans provide up to 40% energy savings over PSC motors. Full variable speed controls allow perfect load matching and fast commissioning.

Highlighted Features and Options

  • Optional double wall construction
  • Exterior Baked on, Textured, Powder Coat finish
  • Pre-Filter slot accommodates 2” or 4” deep filter
  • choose 2 inch MERV 8, or 4 inch MERV 13 factory options
  • Up to 10 total coil rows— DX, Hydronic or Steam Cooling/Heating
  • Flexible fan control options allow:
  • easy integration with 24VAC thermostat, smart thermostat or BAS
  • simple on/off control to advanced single-zone VAV applications
  • Isolated Motor Mount
  • Tool-less filter access
  • Mixing box and economizer control package
  • Factory installed electric heat (coming soon!)


HCA Brochure

HCA Installation Operation and Maintenance Manual

HCA Submittal

HCA Guide Spec