DH pics 1 (1A)

Horizontal direct drive chilled water/DX air units, 400 to 1000 cfm (1Ton to 2.5Ton), with numerous factory options and field installed accessories.

Product Features and Options ( See Product Brochure for Details):

  • Double Sloped Drainpan
  • Convertible Top or Bottom Blower/Motor Access
  • Left or Right Coil Connections
  • Easily removable Coil and Drainpan
  • Valve Packages – factory assembled and tested, field piped to unit – VPA 1.0 1-14-2010
  • chilled water cooling coils up to 6-rows.
  • DX cooling coils.
  • ECM – VE Motor Options
  • Field-installed electric heat
  • Field-installed  2-row hot water module

Documents for Download: