Cross Reference to vintage products:

Caution is required when crossing old products to new. Cross references should be viewed as functional, not necessarily dimensional replacements. Our goal is to help you find the best available solution. Sometimes the best available solution is very good. Sometimes it presents a real challenge to the technician to make it fit.

HELPFUL TIP: Many older unit numbers and coil numbers reflect nominal capacity in BTU/hr. Example the old 60-HBAX was rated based on a nominal 60,000 BTU or 5 ton. Today’s HBB60 is based on cfm, 6000 cfm = 15 ton. Or for instance an old 12-HBAX would have been 12000 BTU or one ton; not to be confused with today’s HBB12 which is 1200 cfm or a nominal 3 ton AHU.

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