New Magic v25 Update

New Magic 4 selection software has been updated to version  If you have a previous version installed and are connected to the internet, you should receive the prompt to update the software.  If you don’t receive the prompt you can manually update using the instructions on our website at


New in version 

Unit Ventilator

  • expanded Quick Ship option
  • expanded Shelving Options
  • added Trim Flanges to software

Self-Contained Unit Ventilator

  • added Modulating Hot Gas Reheat
  • added factory humidity and CO2 sensors, and fan current switch options
  • added new Submittal documents including 3-phase electrical data
  • accessories now are easier to select

HHA Critical Environment AHU

  • HEPA filter now available with standard metal frame
  • new MERV 14 final filter option
  • new final filter air pressure drop gauge
  • new static pressure ports option

 Performance Data:

  • NDB Premium Vertical AHU – heating performance now available for the 2-row 12FPI & 14FPI HW coils as well as all the 3-row HW coils. 

 New Feature – Mixed Air Temperature Calculator! 

  • Activate at any time by pressing CTRL-M
  • Single State air properties – useful when you have relative humidity but need wet bulb
  • Mixed Air calculations – allow you to specify the OA and RA airflows and gives you the mixed air conditions – very handy! MAT Calculator Graphic 3-10-2016-3